ÍR 5K Road Race

Run into the arctic summer

ÍR 5K race

On April 25st, The First Day of Summer in Iceland, one of the most popular 5 km road races in Iceland takes place in the heart of Reykjavik city where the course runs through the city center.
The Icelandic name of the race indicates that the race is an offroad race, but that’s not the case! Víðavangshlaup ÍR is one of the few street races in the country where streets are closed and runners and fans get the opportunity to hit the streets of Reykjavik!
The IR race was first held in 1916 and has since then been an intergral part of the City of Reykjavik´s First Day of Summer celebrations. No sporting event in Iceland has such a long and continuous history as the IR race.