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Vatnsdalshóla runs

The runs are part of the Vatnsdæluhátið, which takes place the weekend of August 16-18 in Húnabyggð.

Events will be held throughout Vatnsdalur, Þing, and Blönduós, but the runs and entertainment program will be in the Vatnsdalshólar, particularly in Þórdísarlundur, a grove owned by the Húnvetningafélagsins í Reykjavík, located on the edge of Vatnsdalshólar.

After the run, runners and spectators will be offered grilled lamb in Þórdísarlundur, which is within walking distance of the finish line.

The swimming pool in Blönduós will be open until 8:00 PM, and the admission fee is included in the registration fee for the Gljúfurár Run and the Ranhólar Run.

Both timed runs will start at 11:00 AM. There will be general course monitoring, and the rescue team and healthcare personnel will be on site.

The Gljúfurár run - 25 km total with a total elevation gain of 298 m

The Gljúfurár Run is being officially timed for the first time this year, after being held as a pilot project last year in preparation for this event.

The start and finish lines are at the Vatnsdalshólar farm, where there will be ample parking space for the runners' vehicles and access to restrooms. The run takes place on hiking trails, horse trails, and dirt roads. In sections where the trail is not well-defined, the route will be clearly marked with flags.

The route first passes through Þórdísarlundur, a memorial grove dedicated to Þórdís, the first-born Húnvetning (a person from Húnabyggð), the daughter of Ingimundur the Old. The trail then crosses the Vatnsdal Hills, heading towards Sveinsstaðarétt. Here, it goes under the main road on a horse trail that leads to Þrístapar, the site of the last execution in Iceland in 1830. The horse trail continues down to the mouth of the Gljúfurá river where it flows into Hópið. From Hópið, the path follows the Gljúfurá river upstream on hunters' trails, showcasing beautiful rapids and small waterfalls. The route goes under the main road again near the bridge over Gljúfurá and continues up past the Uppsali farm, reaching the highest point of the course. From there, it is all downhill to the finish line on the first road laid to the north over 100 years ago. Along this route, there are several picturesque stone constructions that protected the road from landslides from the hills, which are part of Vatnsdal and are one of the three innumerable landmarks in the Icelandic landscape.

Since there are no steep hills along the route, it is fairly gentle, offering opportunities to enjoy the scenery.

Below is the race route:

Water Stations

  • 5 km: Water
  • 11 km: Bananas, water, and sports drinks
  • 15 km: Water
  • 20 km: Sports drinks and water

Ranhólar Run - 11 km with a total elevation gain of 107 m

For those who prefer a shorter run, there will be an 11 km loop in the Vatnsdal Hills. The start and finish lines are at the Vatnsdalshólar farm, like the Gljúfurá Run. The route runs through the Vatnsdal Hills and past the ruins of the abandoned farmstead Ranhólakot. There will be a water station at the 5 km mark and at the finish line.

Below is the race route:

Orienteering Run

This time, a training course in orienteering will be offered, with the aim of holding an orienteering competition in August 2025. There will be three different courses available:

  • 1-2 km: Easy route
  • 2-3 km: Medium difficulty
  • 4-5 km: More than medium difficulty or difficult

More information about orienteering can be found on the Hekla Orienteering Club's website: Hekla Orienteering Club

Kids' Run

A Kids' Run will be organized for young budding nature runners around Skúlahól. This will not be a competition but rather a fun jog for the youngest participants. After the run, they can count the steps up the hill and enjoy the view over Flóðið.

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be available at:

  • The Hlaupár store, Fákafeni 11, Reykjavík, from August 6-15 between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM
  • At the start line on August 17 (until 10:30 AM)


The Municipality of Húnabyggð hosts the run with support from the Association of Municipalities in Northwest Iceland and the company Ísgel ehf., which produces the excellent cooling gel that everyone needs to have.

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