Hengill Ultra 2020

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The Annual Hengill Ultra Trail Run will be held Friday and Saturday, June 5-6th 2020 for the ninth consecutive time. Hengill Ultra offers the Ultra Trail distances that consist of 5KM, 10KM, 25KM, 50KM trails and the longest trail run in Iceland with a distance of 100 KM, the 100KM is actually the 50KM trail run twice over. With this alteration the safety of participants is further enhanced while the race takes them through open ranges and mountain rifts in the Hengill area. This gives the organisers of the race opportunity to provide better services and increased safety for the competitors. For families and recreational runners there are 25KM trail available as well as a 10KM light run and children’s and family run of 5KM.

More information can be found on hengillultra.is.
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