Bakgarður Náttúruhlaupa 2021

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Arctic Running
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The Iceland Backyard Ultra (Bakgarður Náttúruhlaupa) will take place September 18th 2021. The Iceland Backyard Ultra follows the conventional rules of Backyard Ultras: (
A new loop of 6.7 km starts every hour on the hour. It's crucial that all who intend to continue with the next loop are at the starting line when the final bell rings. The participant that runs most loops and finishes the last loop by himself, is the winner. Everybody else gets a DNF!

What is a Backyard Ultra?
Backyards are a special kind of ultra runs where participants need to finish running 6706 meters (4,167 miles) within the hour. Each loop starts at the hour and after the runners finish a loop they can use the remaining time to rest and prepare for the next loop. The winner is the last person to complete a loop. If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner.

The total distance for a runner that finishes 24 loops (24 hours) is 100 miles (160.8 km).

The Nature Running Loop (Náttúruhlaupahringurinn)
Alternatively, participate in a single time trial loop (6.7 km). This race starts at the same time as the Backyard Ultra and is a fun way to start the day with the Backyard runners! Equally suited for grownups and children.

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Location: Elliðavatnsbær, Heiðmörk (close to Reykjvík)
Time: Starts at 9:00 AM, Saturday September 18th, 2021
The trail: 6,7 km loop in Heiðmörk, starts and ends at Elliðavatnsbær
Distance: As many loops as you can handle!! (Or until you are the last person left. 2020 the winner finished 25 loops.)
Time limit: Participants have to finish each 6.7 km loop within an hour. There are no further time limits.
Final Results: All participants in the Iceland Backyard Ultra will receive a certificate with their loops and final distance registered as well as a participant medal. Everybody who finishes 4 loops or more receives an award. The winner of the Iceland Backyard Ultra will be uniquely rewarded!

Náttúruhlaupa loop (one loop): 2500 kr.
The Náttúruhlaupa Backyard: 9900 kr.
Registration fee will not be refunded but runners can change the name of their registration.

What is included?
Running bib and time registration
Aid station with plenty of food as long as someone is still in the race
Participant medal Rewards for all who finish 4 loops or more.

Organizers: Náttúruhlaup and Arctic Running
Náttúruhlaup (Nature Running) is the the local branch of Arctic Running. While Arctic Running offer Running Tours in Iceland for visitors, Náttúruhlaup is a running community for local runners. Arctic Running/Náttúruhlaup held the Iceland Backyard Ultra for the first time in September 2020. It sold out quickly and was a huge success. We look forward to receiving you!

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